We offer a whole package of services related to audiovisual and text localization. Professional and accurate translation which includes text, audio or video translation, transcription and subtitling, proofreading and editing. Further voice recordings and dubbing can be provided based on translation done.

Essential information:

  1. 7 main languages – Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian.
  2. Translation, transcription, text editing and subtitling services through our software or online solutions.
  3. We are working with more than 80 translators.
  4. Upon request, we can also work at nights and on weekends for special rush job.
  5. High security system.
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Main language pairs are:

English – Estonian

Latvian – Estonian

Lithuanian – Estonian

Russian – Estonian

Finnish – Estonian

Swedish – Estonian

Norwegian – Estonian

Estonian – Latvian

Estonian – Lithuanian

Estonian – Ukrainian

Estonian – Russian

Estonian – English

Estonian – Finnish

Estonian – Ukrainian

Estonian – Swedish

Estonian – Norwegian

We not only provide translation service in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian, we also offer our services outside the Baltic States, including Scandinavian as Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian as well as many more.

Some types of translation service:

  1. Literary translation. It includes translation of articles, stories and other types of prose, translation of poetry, translation of advertising materials and other texts that requires a creative approach.
  2. Script Translations. It includes text preparation of recorded material for recording them in different language.
  3. Subtitle Translations. It includes foreign language caption producing for subtitles.
  4. Audio Translations. It includes translation of any type of recorded material into different language.
  5. Commercial translation/business translation. It includes translation of company accounts, reports, correspondence and marketing materials, including magazines, brochures, newsletters and more.
  6. Technical translation. It includes translating user’s manuals, medical translation, instructions and financial reports. It also refers to technical documentation such as electronics, mechanics, engineering and industrial texts in general.
  7. Marketing Translations. It includes translation of marketing, advertising and promotional materials.

Translation is the meaningful communication from one to another language. The aim of translation is to deliver the first tone and intent of the message, taking under consideration cultural and regional differences between the source and target languages. In this work professional interpreter is required to understand the complexity of translating different types of content. That’s why we hire professional linguists from around the world who are experts in their sector, translating texts from a variety of materials such as video and audio. No matter your size, whether you are a small business or international company that hopes and wants to take the next step towards international clients, subtitling can really unlock your global potential!