We offer a whole package of services related to audiovisual and text localization. Professional and accurate translation and subtitling combined with a voice recording studio that offers dubbing and voice services.

Essential information:

  1. 7 main languages – Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian.
  2. Translation, transcription, text editing and subtitling services through our software or online solutions.
  3. We are working with more than 80 translators.
  4. Upon request, we can also work at nights and on weekends for special rush job.
  5. High security system.
Translation, transcription, text editing and subtitling services through our software or online solutions.
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Our major languages are:

English – Estonian

Latvian – Estonian

Lithuanian – Estonian

Russian – Estonian

Finnish – Estonian

Swedish – Estonian

Norwegian – Estonian

Estonian – Latvian

Estonian – Lithuanian

Estonian – Ukrainian

Estonian – Russian

Estonian – English

Estonian – Finnish

Estonian – Ukrainian

Estonian – Swedish

Estonian – Norwegian

We provide TV, HOH (subtitles specifically intended for people who are deaf or hard of hearing), 2D or 3D subtitles (closed captions formats: SRT, XML, EBU STL and other, or open captions burned-in onto the video), audio description, text adaptation and transcription. We ensure subtitling for broadcast, theatrical, DVD, Blu-ray, Digital cinema package (DCP), 3D, mobile, VOD and online platforms (like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other).

We work with linguists who are experienced professionals in their field. This means that they know how to use certain software and validated methods to test the content to ensure full subtitling and fault-free as well. We are using Estonian editors. We have Quality Check procedures in place and also, we can provide this service separately!

We not only provide subtitling service in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian languages, we also offer our services outside the Baltic States, including Scandinavian market as Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian languages as well as many more.

Subtitle translation is the art of translating one video language into another using written text subtitles. Subtitling is one of the options available and has many benefits as it adapts to the global market for entertainment or business communications. Subtitles can be used as a video or dialog representation of a dialogue or narration in the same language as the original audio, or as a translation of the original audio into another language. In both cases, the purpose of subtitling is to make sure the message is still accessible to people who cannot hear or understand the language spoken in the video. And to do it as effectively as possible, you need to use highly trained linguists.