What is Foley?

Have you heard the term “Foley” and why is it important in the film industry?

Foley is a unique sound effects technique that involves creating and “executing” everyday sounds for movies and television shows. Artists create these sounds in a recording studio during post-production, in sync with the image to improve audio quality.

How does Foley work?

Foley artists reproduce everyday sounds such as opening and closing doors, blowing wind, breaking glass, the sound of footsteps and other ambient noises. These sound effects are added for post-production editing to enhance the listening experience of a movie or TV show.

Why is foley used?

Foley artists recreate random sounds for several reasons:

  • Foley sound makes the scene more realistic. Every moment of your day – even quiet moments – must have sound. The most effective indirect sounds are those that sound so natural and true that the audience doesn’t even notice them.
  • More reliable ambient sounds. Background and ambient sound in a field recording are usually not loud enough to improve performance on their own, so artists reproduce them in the studio to make the sounds louder and more reliable.
  • Movies are too quiet with no real effects. Movies without background noise are too quiet – the audience thinks that the sound in the theater has disappeared. Foley sound fills the phonetic void and makes scenes more natural.
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