Media works

Our media team will prepare all required materials for demonstration on cinemas screens, on different kind of social media platforms, digital devices, such as phones and television or at your choice of location. Our offered services will be useful to agencies and companies, marketers of advertising departments and directors. You can leave your worries about your content preparation for screening to us! We will be happy to help with transcoding, material conversion needs for TV, telephony and rendering for online such as web, network and social. We are working with Blu-ray, DCP, DVD and solutions for HD and VOD platforms as well. We will help you reach your customer by combining the commercial services you have prepared and conveying your message in several ways!
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Our main media services:


Material conversions

Rendering (multiplex, mux and demux)

Subtitle designing

Quality Control

Digital Cinema Package, also called DCP, is the old “35mm film reel” modern version, it is a selection of digital files used to store and transfer digital cinema (DC) streams of audio, data, and images. It’s a format for movie theaters to project films and trailers. DCP can called “packing rate” for composition. It’s a hierarchical file structure that deputize headline variation. But DCP can also carry just a partial composition, not only complete composition of files. It can be a single, multiple or complete composition. DCP allows to process a large amount of information in equipment that movie theaters use. One of DCP job is to secure encryption to avoid illegal screenings. Nowadays more than 90% of the world theaters are screening from DCP. DCP hold 27 times more data than a DVD and 8 times more than Blu-ray platform. Another important thing to keep in mind is frame rate. Most movies are made with 24fps (frames per second), and besides cinema are shown on TV and other platforms with 25fps. So, it is important to prepare your content ready for certain technologies used in broadcasting or online

Video on demand, also called VOD, is a video material media distribution scheme that permit other users to approach video entertainment. Users don’t need a traditional video entertainment device. VOD system ensure users with all the features of DVD and portable media players, if VOD is downloaded and streamed. There are different VOD platforms across Baltics states or even globally, that organization need to choose to see what fit the best for business. Material formats necessary for screening will slightly or completely differ from platform to platform. We can help going through all the process from receiving original material, preparing it for cinema, later for television and VOD platforms

Media is important communication tool, it is a way to deliver information, knowledge and values to a broad public. Technologies have greatly expanded the look at this term, nowadays giving more new opportunities to communicate with the public. We can take this advantage to accomplish goals using new tools as social networks, blogs, forums, media sharing and more. Based on our specifications, we can help you with digital media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. You don’t need to worry about spreading your message all around the world, because media will do it for you! Media also help you get your story, news and message to the people who need to receive it and also interact with targeted audiences. Media is very helpful for small business too, because it helps to be seen everywhere in the world, it helps gain reputation and compete with larger competitors. You can earn people trust, ensure your business survival and generate better revenues using media!