Professional voice recording studio and sound engineers, artists, musicians altogether provide package of production and post-production services to CREATE and LOCALIZE your content.

We offer services to prepare your advertisement:

  1. To be understandable for your target market audience – translated and subtitled or voiced in a language you are targeting.
  2. Video and audio production with complete textual, musical and graphic design.
  3. Our studio will prepare materials for showcasing on social media platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc.), telephony or on TV, or any format by demand.
Localize your commercials, promos, promotional clips, advertisements, presentations, tutorials, videos, instructional videos, live events, e-learning videos, short films, infomercials and online video content.

Reach your customer better by:

  1. localizing a voice message with special offers or deal, or a professional IVR for your company. We work with professional narrators as well as with client company co- workers.
  2. localizing audioguides for your clients and visitors to understand better the products, services, premises etc.
  3. localizing your marketing materials (e.g. brochures) for entering new export markets,
  4. localizing your website in another language (don’t forget to order SEO translation as well).