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We work with film distributors and TV content distributors, television channels and networks, broadcasters, production companies, film studios, advertising agencies, media companies and private or public enterprises. Owing to our studio’s professional crew, editing and sound recording rooms, state-of-the-art technology and continued investments in its development, we are able to service several projects simultaneously. Parking is available at the studio, as well as possibility to attend the recording on-site or online.

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You can view the wide range of our localized films to get an idea of ​​our work and our ability to work with large, complex volumes. Our clients include leading companies such as Sony, Nickelodeon, Estonian Film Distributors, Acme and others who have been cooperating with us for a long time, while our work is regularly seen on the screens of Estonian cinemas, as well as on streaming services. No less important in our daily work is the creation of audio-video content for business clients, for whom we produce not only advertisements, but also other audiovisual marketing materials.

Our possibilities are also characterized by the wide bank of voice actors available for your localization projects, which will certainly be useful if you want to learn export markets in the rest of the Baltics, as the range of languages ​​offered includes Latvian, Lithuanian, as well as other languages.

In addition, if you need translation services, together with our partner companies, we are able to provide affordable and fast translations even in case of large volumes or complexity.